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Boston Marathon Bus - 2020 Online Registration

Event Date: Monday, April 20, 2020,
Event Time:

Online registration ends: 4/15/2020 at Midnight, EST

Limit for this event is 40

Total signups so far: 34

Special Boston Marathon Bus to Athlete’s Village in Hopkinton, Monday, April 20, 2020

Once again, the North Shore Striders will provide transportation for runners officially registered for the Boston Marathon. A spacious 40-person restroom-equipped bus from mbtworldwide.com will deliver marathoners from the North Shore directly to Hopkinton on Monday, April 20, 2020.


Cost: $41 per person (+ Paypal service charge) for registered runners in the 2020 Boston Marathon.

A discounted rate of $31 per person (+ Paypal service charge) is available for members of the North Shore Striders, Wicked Running Club, and Mystic Runners.  Marathoners from the North Shore Striders, Wicked Running Club, and Mystic Runners may obtain a special Promo code from their running club to get the $31 rate when reserving a seat on-line.

The North Shore Striders Bus will provide one-way service direct to the Athlete’s Village at the Hopkinton Middle/High School and be parked in the club bus parking lot by 8:30 am so that Runners in all Waves riding on this bus will get to the starting line in plenty of time. The bus will remain parked until the last wave of the Boston Marathon departs Hopkinton.

The North Shore Striders Bus will board at the following locations. This bus must be in Hopkinton between 7:45 am and 9:15 am which means we must leave all stops on time.

In Hopkinton, you can wait inside the bus until it’s time for you to move to the starting line or you can hang out in the Athletes’ Village next door. In case of inclement weather (like 2018), you can stay inside the bus and be warm and dry with your own restroom on board.  Mike Pelletier, an experienced marathon runner, will be on-board and coordinating the NSS Bus.


A note about bags:  Last year, the BAA informed us that “runners being transported in the club bus program should be prepared for inspection.  Runners will be allowed to have baggage on the charter buses. However NO bags will be allowed off of the buses.” If you leave baggage on the bus, it will be donated to charity unless you make specific arrangements with Mike Pelletier or Anne Pelletier to transport your baggage back to Salem which we are happy to do.

More information:      Anne Pelletier at 978-979-9730 or annepelletier1949@gmail.com or 

                                    Michael Pelletier at 978-979-9740 or michaelpelletier1942@gmail.com

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